Hộp số Rossi cho ngành công nghiệp nặng

Hộp số Rossi cho ngành công nghiệp nặng

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Mã SP: MR 3I 101 UC2A 90S B5 45.

Giá bán: Liên hệ

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  • Rossi gearbox for heavy industry


    Features, features:

    15 size 400 ... 1 002

    Nominal torque T N2 87.5 ... 1,700,000 N m

    Transmission Ratio i N 8 ... 315


    The range of solutions and key features and benefits:


    Solid output shaft

    Hollow output shaft with key

    Hollow output shaft with miniature disc

    Backstop equipment

    Swing Base

    Ổ Pony

    One of the broadest torque from a supplier

    Customized solutions start from a standard modular design

    Reduced delivery time

    Optimal design for conveyor applications.


    Some Model Numbers ROSSI .

    HBZ 90LB 4.8 230.400-50 B5 (1.1 / 0.6 kW) (Rossi)    

    HBZ 90LB4 230.400 B5, V, EU (Rossi) HBZ 160L4 400 B5, T15, VD, E3 (Rossi) 

    HBZ 160L4 400 B5 T15, V, E (Rossi)

    3F0 132 M4 230.400 B5 ( Rossi Gearmotors )       

     F0 132 LG 4 230.400-50 B5, VD, EU (Rossi)    

    F0 132M 4 230.400-50 B5, VD400V (7.5 kW) (Rossi)          

    F0 160 M8 400 B3 (Rossi)    

    F0 63B4 230.400 B5 (Rossi)

    F0 80C  4 230.400 B5  (Rossi)          

    FO 100L 4 230.400 B5 (Rossi)          

    FO 132 S6 230.400 B5, SP, CD, S, F10 JIS G4304-91 (Rossi)

    FO 63C4 230.400-50 B5, V (Rossi) 

    FO 80B4 230.400-50 B5 (Rossi)      

    HB 100LA4 230.400 B5  2,2 kW (Rossi)  

    HB 100LВ4 230.400 B5 3 кВт (Rossi)      

    HB 112MC4 230.400 B5 (Rossi)      

    HB 112MC4 230.400 B5 (Rossi)      

    HB 112МС2 230.400 В5 (Rossi)      

    HB 132 MB2 230.400 B3 (Rossi)    

    HB 132MC4 230.400 B5 (Rossi)      

    HB 132MC4 230.400 B5 ,T15 (Rossi)       

    HB 63 A4 230.400 B5 (Rossi)           

    HB 71A6 230.400 B5R (Rossi)         

    HB 71B4 230.400 B14R 0,37 kW (Rossi)

    HB 71B4 230.400 B5 (Rossi)

    HB 71B4 230.400 B5R, E2 (Rossi)  

    HB 71C4 230.400 B14  (Rossi)         

    HB 90LB4 230.400 B5 (Rossi)          

    HB 90LB4 230.400 B5 ,T15 (Rossi)           

    HB 90LС4 230.400 B5 2,2 кВт (Rossi)     

    HB 90S4 230.400 B5 (Rossi) 

    HB2 100LA4 230.400-50 B5 ,T15  2,2 kW (Rossi)      

    HB2 100LB4 230.400 B5 ,T15 (Rossi)  

    RV 125 UO2A/13 Pos.B3 (Rossi)     

    RV 125 UO2A/16 Pos.B3 (Rossi)     

    RV 125 UO2A/25 Pos.B3 (Rossi)     

    RV 125 UO2A/32     Pos.B8   i=32 (Rossi) 

    RV 125 UO2A/32 Pos.B3 (Rossi)     

    RV 125 UO2A/32 Pos.V5 (Rossi)     

    RV 125 UO2A/40  Pos. V5  i=40 (Rossi)    

    RV 125 UO2A/40 Pos.B3 (Rossi)     

    RV 125UO2A/16 Pos.B3 (Rossi)      

    RV 126 UO2A/25 Pos.B8 (Rossi)     

    RV 160 UO2A i=20, Pn (1400 min¯¹) 18.6 kW (Rossi)

    RV 160 UO2A/20 , N    Pos.B3    i=20 (Rossi)      

    RV 160 UO2A/20 Pos.B3 ,N (Rossi)

    RV 160 UO2A/32 Pos.B3 (Rossi)     

    RV 250 UO2A/50 Pos.B3 i=50 (Rossi)       

    RV 32 UO3A/40 Pos. B3 (Rossi)       

    RV 32 UO3D/25  B3 i=25 (Rossi)    

    RV 40  U03A/32 Pos. B7      (Rossi) 

    RV 40 UO3A/10    Pos.B3    i=10 (Rossi)   

    RV 40 UO3A/20 i=20 Pos.B7 (Rossi)            


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